August 2018
A.D. Reminders August 2018

Coaches - Contact Head Coaches to poll their assistants about attendance for CPR/First Aid

Coaches - Update coaches education records and notify coaches of their current status

Pre-Season - Find out eligibilty dates for Fall season

Pre-Season - Review current State Handbook, noting changes

Pre-Season - Plan for Rules Clinics for Fall coaches

Pre-Season - Arrange for CPR/First Aid classes

Pre-Season - Remind Head Coaches about Fall league coaches meetings

Pre-Season - Contact police and ambulance for home football games

Pre-Season - Contact announcement/timer/chain crew for home football games

Pre-Season - Contact event manager for home football, soccer, volleyball contests

Pre-Season - Contact team doctor for home football games and make sure they have schedules

Pre-Season - Prepare Parent Night presentation

Pre-Season - Prepare and/or complete JV and C schedules

Pre-Season - Prepare “Season Arrangements” for coaches and schedule pre-season Coaches Meeting

Pre-Season - Confirm picture dates with team photographer

Pre-Season - Attend Parent Orientations

Pre-Season - Process all fall athletic participants paperwork - check eligibility concerns

Pre-Season - Prepare coaches contracts for out-of-building coaches

Pre-Season - Discuss theft and facility “etiquette” with coaches

Pre-Season - Discuss etiquette with spirit team(s)

Pre-Season - Football home games - secure commitments from clean-up crews

Pre-Season - Check with Athletic Secretary or consult paperwork and coaches to see if eligibility

appeals are necessary for any transfer students

Pre-Season - Arrange for transportation for away events

Pre-Season - Send schedules to administrators and meet with them regarding game supervision

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