June 2016
Take a Lap!

Anyone who has ever participated on a high school sports team has probably heard a coach yell out – “Take a Lap!”  Whenever it occurred in practice it usually sent a bit of a chill up your spine – particularly if you were the one to whom the command was directed.

The age-old practice of making athletes run a lap or perform running suicides as a form of punishment or discipline is not a universal practice anymore.  Some coaches have found the practice to be counter-productive and it’s no longer part of their practice regime. Why the change?  Read what coaches are saying in Coach and AD magazine.

June 2016
Multi-sport Participation Recommended

One of the biggest debates that has been pushed into today’s youth sports culture is whether athletes are best to specialize in one sport or try their hands at participating in multiple sports. Because of the prevalence, access, and influence of club based sports, we’re seeing more of our high school athletes specialize at an earlier age. In our post-season player surveys, I often read responses from underclassmen who are planning on dropping one sport in order to focus on their “main” sport the next year. As participation rates in most of our sports continue to decline, we try to actively combat this trend by pushing out information to our students.

Veteran Grand Forks, North Dakota athletic director Mark Rerick, CMAA,  further breaks down the argument for the NFHS blog.

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