May 2016
Sports Help Students Win

Blaming school sports for academic inattention and bloated budgets is a popular move, but the evidence shows sports have a positive effect for students. 

Today just over half of all high school students in the U.S. indicate that they are involved in a school-sponsored sport.  Yet, despite the perceived benefits and high levels of support from students and parents, interscholastic athletics constantly come under attack.

A recent article in Phi Delta Kappan magaine takes a look at the history of school sports and the evidence that school sports help students win.


May 2016
$63 Million for a HS Stadium?

The love of high school football in Texas is hard to quantify. But to get an idea, have a look at the price tag on one of its newest temples. Voters in McKinney, Tex., have given the go-ahead to spend nearly $63 million on building a high school football stadium after months of contentious debate in the suburb north of Dallas.

“Down South, football is a really big deal, and playoff football is a really big deal,” said Jennifer Gray, the chairwoman of Vote for McKinney’s Future, a pro-stadium group.

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