March 2018
A.D. Reminders for March 2018

Coaches - Make sure tests for coaches who did not attend pre-season rules clinics are completed Fiscal Pay bills

League - Attend league meeting

Pre-Season - Make sure spring sports eligibility lists are completed and on file

Pre-Season - Prepare schedules and handouts for parents’ night meeting

Pre-Season - Arrange for audio/video needs for parents’ night

Program - Weekly administrative meeting

Program - Faculty meetings

Program - Prepare eligibility paperwork

Program - Schedule spring sport team pictures

Program - Prepare spring sport programs, pictures, rosters, schedules, articles

Program - Update website

Program - Schedule and send out agenda for athletic department meeting

Program - Confirm that individual practice rules have been met prior to first competition

Program - Hold any spring eligibility hearings if necessary

Program - Confirm all spring schedules with school calendar and review for conflicts

Post-Season - Complete winter sports inventory, storage of equipment; order equipment

Post-Season - Prepare thank you letters to winter sports coach spouses

Post-Season - Review selection of qualifying playoff sites, managers, play-off formats and dates for spring tournaments

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