February 2015
HS Football Rules Adjusted for Fall

In its ongoing effort to minimize the risk of injury in high school football, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Football Rules Committee expanded the provisions of unnecessary roughness to include contact with a defenseless player.  That is one of several rule changes effective for the fall 2015 season, all focusing on risk minimization


February 2015
Adults Cheat Game and Kids

There is no feel-good story, no heartwarming tale of inspiration that adults can't screw up.

Jackie Robinson West lost its U.S. Little League title not because of anything that happened on the field. Or anything the players did, for that matter. The team was stripped of its title, and several others, because a few selfish and underhanded adults decided to skirt the rules in hopes of gaining any kind of advantage they could.


February 2015
HS Steroid Testing Program a Fail?

Seven years ago, Texas launched an ambitious program to test high school athletes for steroids. Nearly $10 million later, the Sunset Advisory Commission, a group of state lawmakers, has recommended ending random testing at the state level. 


February 2015
Reality Check: Odds of Going Pro

It's common knowledge that high school athletes greatly overestimate their chances of going to college on and athletic scholarship. But that stretch is even greater for college athletes expecting to go pro.   It's a longshot at best according to data compiled by Inside Higher Ed.


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