October 2017
A.D. Reminders for October 2017



  • Fiscal - Pay bills weekly


  • Pre-Season - Prepare winter gym schedule for practices and contests


  • Pre-Season - Advise winter coaches of winter rules clinic sites and dates


  • Pre-Season - Review winter contracts with coaches


  • Pre-Season - Request officials for winter sports Program Weekly administrative meeting


  • Program - Update website


  • Program - Faculty meetings


  • Program - Help promote events


  • Program - Lost/Found – how are these items being processed?


  • Program - Schedule and send out agenda for any athletic department meeting


  • Program - Rosters and updated picture for all potential district/state tournament team should be sent to tournament manager and program printer


  • Program - Review league standings for possible ties for playoffs and sites


  • Post-Season - Check with athletic secretary – order letter awards and pictures as needed for post season awards banquets


  • Post-Season - State tournament information to coaches Post-Season Submit post season rosters in timely fashion


  • Post-Season - Attend contests and practices at least once for each team at each level Post-Season. Bill and thank advertisers for sports program support


  • Post-Season - Check tournament dates and confirm room reservations for state tournament Post-Season. Set end of season coaches meetings for the league coaches


  • Post-Season - Schedule fall sports banquet(s)


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